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          Welcome to Chongqing Fubang Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd Official website!
          • Experienced
          • Quality assurance
          • Perfect service

          about us

          Chongqing Fubon Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture of precision and complex gear cutting tools required by various auto parts, aerospace technology, intelligent industries, instrumentation, power tools and other industries.

          Mainly produce oblique (straight) gear shaper cutters with trimming and chamfering, small modulus tapered shank gear shaper cutters, hobbing cutters (turning gear cutters), harmonic shaper cutters, sprocket gear shaper cutters, rectangular flower shapers Key shaping cutters, radial gear shaving cutters, high-efficiency dry cutting alloy hobs, standard inspection gears and other high-precision complex tools, and focus on the design, application and research and development of precision and complex tools, through the cooperation with well-known companies in various industries In-depth cooperation, constantly optimizing the design concept of the tool, providing users with more efficient processing solutions, promoting users to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and return the trust of users with excellent product quality.

          The company adheres to the concept of “win-win peers, linkage development, and prosperity of the country”, and establishes the image of a leading brand in the gear tool processing industry with high-quality, high-performance, and high-efficiency product quality, thereby leading the development of the domestic gear tool industry. Innovate, meet challenges, and contribute our strength to build our country into a truly powerful country in mechanical processing!

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